Koh Phangan Thailand

Beach Bungalow Holidays in Thailand’s Paradise

Koh Phangan is a beautiful holiday destination whether you’re traveling alone or part of a group, but you might not know too much about this stunning province. Located in the east of southern Asia, Koh Phangan town will act as your base camp when exploring the wider province, so be prepared to find jungles, limestone cliffs and idyllic isles just waiting to be explored. Many Buddhist shrines still stand; the riverside pier links you to ferries and longboats and there’s so much more to see that you’re sure to be spoilt for choice. From scuba diving to rock climbing, white sand beaches and tropical islands, getting to know Koh Phangan will be the biggest adventure you’ve ever had!


Where is Koh Phangan Located?


Koh Phangan province is surrounded by Surathani province of Thailand from the north, the Trang province and the Andaman Sea from the south, the Trang and Nakorn Si Thammarat provinces of Thailand from the east, and the Phang Nga province of Thailand and the Andaman Sea from the west.


Koh Phangan covers an area of approximately 4709sq km, boasting an undulating landscape that houses forests, hills and mountains. The 160km coastline attributes its beauty to its bays and capes that frame a stunning jagged outline and it’s this that brings the marriage of limestone mountainous outcrops and cool calm sea waters to the fore.


Yai Beach

No list of Koh Phangan’s beaches could avoid the mention of the world renowned Yai Beach. The shoreline is filled with coconut trees that frame the calm blue waters, and the gargantuan rocks that stand tall on either side of the beach are enough to make one feel as if they were the only people in the world. The popularity of this beach has increased over the past few years, and it’s all but impossible to get to the location on foot, meaning that only the most passionate are willing to make the car and then boat journey.

Thoong Nai Pan Noi Beach

Boasting the clearest sea water throughout the entirety of Koh Phangan, Noi beach plays host to vast numbers of fish that enjoy the safety and seclusion of the calm waters. These friendly sea-dwellers will often swarm around people swimming by the shore for no other reason than to take advantage of a warm body. Just south of the beach is an area filled to bursting point with trees and bushes – all of which boast their own variety of colors and scents. Find out more about Thai holidays at