Safari Kenya

Animals on an African Kenya Safari


We all know just how huge a place Africa is. With its scorching deserts, tall mountain peaks and stunning valleys, is it any wonder that it’s also home to a huge variety of wildlife? If you’re thinking of booking your very own African safari adventure, why not try a trip with Kenya Safari? They specialize in all sorts of safari adventures to suit you, with a range of trip lengths available, whether you want to book a three day getaway or a full week in the sunny scenery of Africa. Kenya Safari are actually one of the most authentic Masai safari providers, with access to the Masai Mara Game Reserve and park, so that you really get to take it all in.


So what animals can you expect to see on an African safari? Well there are literally thousands of different types, from the smallest insects that are native to a Kenya safari, all the way to huge African elephants that have become a symbol of the continent in recent years. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular species that you can expect to come across with Kenya Safari.


First up, we have our typical grazing mammals; zebras, buffalos and deer. These animals have been present in Africa for hundreds of years, with buffalo and deer meat providing meals for ancient tribes from all regions. Nowadays, you’ll find them protected within the Masai Mara Game Reserve; their only predators the fierce animals that share their habitat. That moves us on to our next animal species; lions.


These predatory animals have long roamed the wildernesses of Africa, making the most of popular hunting grounds and always keeping close to water. In a country with an average temperature far hotter than most countries in their Summer, it’s no surprise that wherever there’s water, you can expect to see animals. Some of these animals come to drink, others come to hunt, from the lake dwelling alligators and crocodiles that silently wait for their prey, to the wild leopards and cheetahs that rely on speed and stealth to catch their meal.


Visiting Africa for a safari isn’t like taking a trip to your local shopping mall; it’s actually so different that you’ll feel like you’re on another planet. Even local villages have come to accept animal visitors from time to time; chimpanzees, lizards and even large mammals. Fortunately, if you decide to travel with Kenya Safari, you won’t be exposed to anything that you’re not comfortable with; in fact they prioritize your safety above everything else. Wild animals are after all wild and should be respected as such.


So how can you be sure that you’ll see certain animals? Well you’ll be able to travel at specific times and on specific days and your hosts will know all of the details so that you never have to worry. So whether you want to see a flock of flamingos prancing about in a lake, or a heard of hippopotamus casually soaking up the sunshine, one thing’s for certain; you won’t find such an exotic variety of animals anywhere else on the planet. Visit now to book your real Masai safari and begin your adventure today.