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Gold Prospecting has fascinated the worls since the first gold rush in California in 1849. But the rush of 49 was soon eclipsed by the rushes of the fabulously rich Australian Goldfields of the 1850s. the finding of gold in Australia brought about the birth of a nation, a nation steeped in the history of gold, a nation whose economy still heavily relies on gold.

Nuggets of natures purest gold are still being found every day by prospectors who know theres nothing like the thrill of finding your own gold nuggets.

You too can find gold by taking a course in prospecting or by simply hiring a gold detector at any of the following venues:

avoca caravan park pyreneesAvoca Caravan Park

Liebig Street, Avoca
Ph: 03 5465 3073


four corners hobby shop beaufortFour Corners Hobby Shop

46 Neil Street, Beaufort
Ph: 0412 064 462 or 03 5349 3030


coiltek gold prospecting Coiltek Gold Centre

6 Drive In Court, Maryborough
Ph: 03 5460 4700